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Smerff Strikes Back

Harry the Homo Clarke runs home to his mum, Jorge Branco calls Montecito looking for his. Lady sayanim has been put on notice we’ve identified you. Used those aviator shades used once too often. The idea that we are somehow the deranged hate filled people because we don’t believe there was a mass murder is precisely the sort of inverted reality that can’t last. It is you who are full of hate. It is you who speaketh the lies and it is us who will triumph with only the truth as our weapon. Mein Eire ist Treue

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the brisbane electrician

common electrical services we provide 

Always the best prices in Brisbane

lighting and power installation Brisbane electrician

Light and Power

LED downlights installed complete $ 90 

LED Bulb warranty 50,000 hours

Smerff Brisbane Electrician installs

Double power points for $ 90 complete

Weatherproof External power $ 150

All electrical wiring 25 year warranty

Ceiling Fans

Clipsal Airflow white or chrome

Long Lasting, very quiet

Smerff the Brisbane Electrician

Installs fan only $100

White fan supply $ 70 Chrome $100

Add Light underneath + $40


Ceiling fans installed Smerff Brisbane electrician

Lighting and

Power Points

Brisbane electrician does lighting and power installation

LED downlight supply and install $ 90 

LED lifetime warranty

Brisbane Electrician installs double

Power outlets for $90 includes everything

Weatherproof Double power $ 150

Household wiring lifetime warranty

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans installed Smerff Brisbane electrician

White or Chrome Airflow fans

Long Lasting, super quiet 

Electrician in Brisbane

Installs these only $100

Supply white fan : $ 70

Supply chrome fan : $ 100

Smoke alarm example Brisbane electrician

Smoke Alarms

circuit breaker example Brisbane electrician


data category 6 installation Brisbane electrician

Data Networks

testing and tagging Brisbane electrician

Safety Testing

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Smerff the




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the Smerff Electrical Story

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Smerff Brisbane electrician Crew 2016 Vans with surface to allah missiles

There once was an evil electrician from Brisbane. Not just any electrician, this one was known as ‘the nazi electrician’. The tale of how this Brisbane electrician got such a cool username goes a little something like this. Leaving school at 16, various factory, transport and menial jobs saw Simon spend his teenage years and early twenties as a furniture removalist. As glamourous as this job seems, there were bigger things out there for the ‘nazi electrician.’ Volunteering for free work saturdays at a locksmith shop saw him enter the security industry, and from there into electronic alarms. Various cable monkey jobs over some years in Eastern Melbourne and Simon would be what one would call an experienced Security Technician. There were no qualifications in security installation back in those days, your experience and skills were judged on merit.

Experience from years in the industry. No pretend two day course.

The man who came to be known as ‘the nazi electrician’ was employed through Melbourne and Sydney in a number of sensitive security positions. Simon earned his electronic security experience here very fast. Stressed out long hours and the pressure caused Simon to ponder his chosen path and take a break. Lobbing up on a cousins doorstep in Runcorn at 6am one morning, Simon started fresh in Brisbane. Furniture removals paid the bills again at first, until work in the electronic security industry was obtained. This led to a leading Brisbane electrical company employing Simon on and off for over seven years, and it was during this time Simon obtained his electrical mechanic qualification. It was only a matter of time until the Nazi Electrician holocausted the opposition.


A real live holocaust.

After being banned from a handful of construction sites in Brisbane for making the scumbag ETU rep cry into his lunchbox, this electrician was finally caught not wearing his fluffy velvet mittens. The Horror ! It was like a new holocaust all over again. Marxist unions, site safety reps and the armada of rainbow coloured Smoko vans all conspired to undermine Australia’s construction industry by faggotizing the regulations. The construction worker you think you know is gone.

The site spark of yesteryear used to roll out of bed, light up a smoke, wash the blood off his hands from the previous nights brawling, crack a beer and get dressed for work. After roll starting the ute, he would run over three hippies, grab two pies from the servo, honk at the crossing lady all in time to pinch Davo’s prime parking spot and clock on 1 minute before 6.

These days thanks to fluffy velvet mittens and gender pronoun sensitivity training every tuesday. Today’s site electrician wakes up early for pilates, goes home for a small bowl of organic parsley and rides his gay pushbike in his gay leotard with his gay ballsack showing. Gayly to work. This was not the life for a Smerff. My record was four hippies, three pies and sideways across both Davo and Robbos parking spots. The apprentice clocking on for me ten minutes before I got there. No way was this Smerff taking up Pilates. The Smerff Nazi Electrician was Born.

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Specialist Electrical services offered in Brisbane

Which specialist 
electrical  service  
can we offer you
 Brisbane electrician service icon to link customer to Air Con install

Air Con

 Brisbane electrician Automation Building services link picture


 Brisbane electrician Security installation service link picture linking to our CCTV page


 Brisbane electrician electrical services page


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cctv, data, air con and automation

CCTV is a must have for many small businesses in Australia. Smerff is a master CCTV installer with many years experience. Tailored solutions for all businesses, homes and sports clubs. Recent advances in camera technology make CCTV affordable for nearly everyone. Cameras you can view anytime on your iphone, recording based on event sequences, the possibilities are endless. See our Security page for a detailed description of what’s available.

Air Conditioning Installations

The best air conditioning installations in Brisbane are done by Smerff Electrical. One fridgy wanker scoffed when Smerff said he would install air conditioners in Queensland. A few years later, we have installed so many that we have reduced the average price for the whole city. How many industries can you name where the prices have come down since 2010 ? Further to this : has the quality of installation been reduced? The opposite has occurred.  Take a look at our installations page and compare the standard installation from 2010. Side by side with our work, there is no comparison.  

It’s not often one man can make a difference. In this case Smerff made an impact on his industry for an entire city. To the Bovis Lend Lease bean head who followed me around the work site back in 2010. Where are you now ? Still on mitten duty ? The jokes on you buddy. Please tell your mother to stop calling me. On my sites mittens are banned. Helmets are banned. Leotards, pilates and gay ‘toolbox talk meetings’ are banned. Every man has survived four holocausts and a Collingwood grand final. Our crew has common sense, strong work ethic and pride in their work.

Our accident count is zero. 

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Smerff Electrician in Brisbane . ABN 40 558 381 173 Electrical Contractor License 74983 Po Box 1139 Slacks Creek 4127

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